Course Registration

Course Registration and Delivery

Registration not completed by 5PM on the last day of registration will be assessed a $100 late registration fee. Students who do not register for two or more consecutive semesters (including summer) will be required to resubmit a certificate application and $30 application fee to resume program participation.



Campus Student Registration

  • Individual course registration is coordinated between the student and the certificate program advisor or graduate advisor based on a student’s individual plan of study. Each certificate student develops a plan of study in collaboration with the certificate advisor (see the application checklist).
  • Students do not register for classes through One.UF; registration for certificate courses is handled by the Academic Coordinator, Christy Ewing at
  • Please remove holds in One.UF each semester as soon as possible to allow for your course registration.
  • Certificate students are not permitted to register for additional courses while in the program.


Online Student Registration

  • All online certificate students must self-register, with the exception of students in other graduate programs at UF.
  • Students must register for courses during the published registration times posted on the Registrar’s website at
  • Registration may be completed at or after the registration appointment posted in One.UF.
  • Students may ONLY register in sections that are assigned to their student program classification.
  • Students must remove all holds at the One.UF website prior to registering. Some holds can take 24 hours to resolve, so do not wait to the last minute to remove your student holds or to register for your courses as this could cause you to be registered after the deadline.
  • Students will receive information about courses and section numbers from Robyn Smith in the student newsletter.  Check the Recent News section at our Student Life Online site for details.
  • Course descriptions and sample syllabi are available at Courses.

*If online certificate students have ANY trouble registering, notify Robyn Smith ( immediately

Campus Course Delivery

  • All five certificate courses are currently offered on the University of Florida campus in Gainesville in a rotating schedule.
  • Campus certificate courses are only offered spring and fall semesters.
  • Students enrolled in the campus certificate program may not take online certificate courses.

Online Course Delivery

  • All five certificate courses are offered online based on the course schedule.
  • Online certificate courses are offered fall, spring, and summer semesters.
  • Students enrolled in the online certificate program may not take campus certificate courses.